While Mastering the best technology is essential, human knowledge, judgement and ability remain key to safety and security in the air and at sea.

Boeing B747 cockpit over Greenland
View from Boeing B747 flightdeck over Greenland


August 1 — December 1

Gate with B747 in LAX
Waiting to board B747 in LAX


October 1 — December 1

Sea Cloud at anchor in St Tropez
Luxury sailingship Sea Cloud at anchor in St Tropez France


August 1 — December 1

Boeing 747-8i cockpit
Boeing 747-8i flightdeck

Technology and Training

October 1 — December 1

Thinking in systems.

We think in systems, not one-dimensional. A change here will have an effect somewhere else. Complex interactions have to be considered when finding solutions.

This requires the ability to ask the right questions, and to think forward.

Doppeldecker Design B747 contrail over atlantic ocean